Gabrielle Cavassa sings Billie Holiday


Wow! Join me in honoring (my absolute favorite) Billie Holiday in a 5 night residency at the historic Little Gem!!!

‘Jazz historians have long considered the 400 block of South Rampart Street the birthplace of jazz. The Little Gem Saloon was first opened in 1903, taking its place among other jazz clubs that have long been lost to the past including The Eagle Saloon and the Iroquois Theater.  No other single location is more significant to the founding and evolution of jazz than this one.  During its time the Little Gem Saloon served as a popular watering hole for early jazz legends like Buddy Bolden, Freddie Keppard and Jelly Roll Morton until closing its doors in 1909.’

Featuring the unmatched trio — Irvin Mayfield on trumpet, John Diaz on saxophone, and Ron Markham on piano. <3

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