EPK – Gabrielle Cavassa

“A very distinctive voice”

Gabrielle Cavassa is a New Orleans-based, California-born, vocalist-composer of Italian descent who continues to garner attention for her distinctive voice and intimate expression. In 2021, the self-professed ‘pricipessa’ was crowned co-winner of the 2021 International Sarah Vaughan Jazz Vocal Competition, joining the ranks of previous winners such as Cyrille Aimée, Jazzmeia Horn, and Samara Joy.

“Cavassa wield[s] her light, supple voice like a paintbrush as she colorfully play[s] with time, lyrics, phrasing and melody.”

Cavassa became acquainted with the music at a young age, when she began collecting, cataloguing and “obsessively listening” to records. Her expression reflects influences ranging from Billie Holiday and Amy Winehouse to Slum Village and Italian opera. As a songwriter, she confronts challenging topics as though she’s sharing stark, intimate diary entries with the world. Her 2020 critically-acclaimed recording debut, Gabrielle Cavassa, co-produced by GRAMMY-nominated artist and collaborator Jamison Ross, includes features from fellow genre bending artists Braxton Cook and Ashlin Parker.

“[Cavassa] has a truly original approach to the music, which is quite refreshing and much needed.”
— Gary Walker, WBGO 

Cavassa is set to release a duo record with pianist Ryan Hanseler in January 2021. For more information on tour dates, and to remain up to date with her release schedule, visit http://www.gabriellecavassa.com.